This is my creative outlet. Consider this like the messy room of life, a museum filled with stories, memories, lessons.   Pretend it is a campfire, and we are all sitting around it getting melted marshmallows all over ourselves. Imagine it as the millennial smash book for self reflection and strides toward success and fulfillment. This is a collection of all sorts of different life experiences, adventures, challenges, purpose, meaning, ah-haah moments, triumphs, family, joy, faith and fun. This is the melting pot of fancy & #unfancy. This is the reflection of acceptance and adaptation in a #modernsociety, and the hope of inspiring simple, happy living perspectives. 

It doesn't have to be perfect, it can be mismatched. It doesn't need to be beautiful all the time, or sparkle day and night. #Livin'

Glorify #REGULAR