No! No! No! What would Pinterest think of me?


The camera adds ten pounds they say- well in this particular case, I think that seeing some snap shots of the space in our homes is a great way to really amplify the true image of what the space around us is expressing. Do you think that our space is a reflection of the way that we are feeling, or do you think that it is a cause for how we feel? Whatever you believe, there is a very significant link between how our space is kept, and how we feel. In my case, I honestly don't see much joy in these images, so I know that my focus needs to be on allowing that joy to flow through me and into my space. Contact me and let me know if you have noticed anything about your space, and what you are able to greater understand from taking a deeper look at your surroundings.


So, by this point in time, things become very clear. It's super important for me to focus on my goal past the feelings of overwhelmed clutter defeat. 

Right now, I am telling myself "if you aint' first, you're last!" I don't want to lose to clutter anymore. 

bye clutter


I just want to point out a couple of things here: I love the stacking crates, they are sterlite brand and if you use the cheap clear bins from walmart they fit perfectly inside. I love this trick so that I can put Waylon's train tracks and car tracks in the bottom section and then put the smaller pieces and cars in the top section. Who knew it was so easy to be organized, and even better, i already had these cheap items on hand.


So, due to the fact that we have kids, and a cat.... we have a hard time with "decor". It takes a lot of "planning" to figure out how to cat proof and kid proof the decorations that spark joy in our space. I LOVE this SUPER simple and CHEAP knick knack that I slapped together. The shelf is designed to be hung on the wall- and i have decision issues- so I really prefer to be able to move my decor around instead of nailing it to my wall in a permeant fashion. The shelf is from 5 Below :) oh yah! And the two ceramic pieces are from target clearance and the tea cup planter is from AT HOME (the splurge). These items were just sitting around in the midst of all the other items in my clutter infestation and weren't doing anything. Now that I am being "brave" I have some real "decor" that is bringing me some satisfaction into my space.


I will admit that I have favorite parts of my home. a favorite of mine is my counter tops. Unfortunately there are so many struggles with keeping the clutter from consuming the favorite space of mine. Earlier today, there wasn't much of them that you could see, and there is this "corner" next to the pantry that pretty much is the black hole of "stuff" in my kitchen. This will be an ongoing struggle to keep that spot from going back to the way that it was... but since I know that it's the problem area, I will put this section onto my "daily" task list to manage the items that are collecting here. I think that in my mind, I titled this spot as the "corner" and I already unconsciously was allowing it to be the catch all for everything and anything. Now that I am reclaiming this space, I will no longer be referring to it as the "corner"- even in my own thoughts. It is now... part of the rest of the counter top again, and will be joined with the rest of the kitchen. The thing about clutter, it takes over your space- sometimes slowly.. and probably if I didn't stop and make a change, every bit of my kitchen could have eventually turned into the "corner".

Untitled design.jpg
Untitled design (1).jpg
Untitled design (2).jpg

Another project that i worked through was our laundry room. We had a sink in the small area and it was taking up the bulk of the space in the room. The dryer door would hit the sink legs and you couldn't open the door all the way. I turned off the water valves to the sink, removed two screws holding it in place to the wall and then disconnected the water lines from the back of the sink. The room now feels three times the size that it was and I have a hanging rack, and plenty of storage for all of my CLEANING supplies!I plan to do something on the wall behind the washer and dryer- back splash, shiplap, or removable wallpaper - with shelving, and a clothes hanging rack and tall standing cabinet on the other wall. I will defiantly be taking before and after photos of this project, and linking to the project in my blog.