Holy Grail: Floor Cleaning edition

Ever find yourself trying to decide if you should invest in a product that could drastically improve your home cleaning routine? It is challenging, due to the vast selection and variety of products available. In this post I am going to go through my favorite cleaning products, from chemicals, to devices and dupe's that I use IN REAL LIFE. I will share my experiences with them, and describe JUST HOW they have improved my life, so that you can determine if they are the right product to incorporate into your routines.

Floor Cleaning / Floor Care

1. Hardwood & Hard surface floor scrubber- for the times when you need to a deep clean scrub down, but hate moping. The Hoover Floormate Delux does the job fantastically. It is also very satisfying to see all of the dirty water in the tank after just a small area of the floors have been scrubbed. It doesnt get any easier than this- A clean water/solution tank on one side and a dirty water tank on the other side. Lots of power and never have to worry about charging a battery since this is not a cordless model. You have a dial on the side where you select to "wash" when you want to scrub and apply the solution to the floors, and then you turn the dial to "dry" and it actually, really, seriously DOES DRY the floors too! I love the design because it is absolutely fool proof, so simple to get those clean floors you love. My favorite part about this- after I've finished, I slide my hand across the clean surfaces of the floors and WOOOAHHH holy heck, it's such a wonderful surprise to FEEL how clean the floors come out! I use the traditional Hoover floor cleaner- it says that you should only use this product so I am sticking with this- to ensure the longevity of my appliance.

2. My "quick" solution for spot moping areas of my hard floors is to use the "swifter / bissel steam mop" Okay it's really called the Swifter Steam Boost I believe- I got this a couple of years ago. It is basically your standard swifter wet jet but on steroids because it adds the bissel steam technology into the mix so you then have a mesh up of the best of both worlds. If you can get your hands on one of these, i do recommend it. I love that I do not have to wash the pads. Being able to purchase the disposable pads is OH SO GREAT. One pad is enough to do half of my house!!!! It traps so much dirt it is something futuristic. I also enjoy that there is a light scent to the mop pads, they they are already pre-wet and ready to use! I LOVE that it plugs in, so I never have to worry about getting half way through mopping and then having to stop to recharge. There is a water tank on this spectacular thing that is so easy - just hold it up to your kitchen sink, fill, cap and BOOM go! It heats up so so so quickly- like 10 seconds and this thing is HOT- so BE CAREFUL when changing the pads if you need to, it can burn you if you do not unplug while doing this. There is no On/Off switch- just plug it in and it's already heating up and ready to. go! :) There is a steam boost trigger built right into the handle and i find that this is so super easy to use in all areas of my home. A SIDE note to this- since the design is so super light weight - your little ones can actually do the mopping for you and probably have a blast doing it. CAUTION when doing this- my son would slip every 5 minutes when he was learning about this thing- so if you have some GRIPPY socks - have them wear them- or if you want to be extra safe- you should probably wear the grippy socks too! You'll be amazed at how simple it is to get clean floors quickly and just rip the disposable pad off and toss it away. No mop buckets, pools of water, nasty mop pads, trying to figure out how to get your mop head clean- its really as simple as it gets.

3. So: The second thing I ever financed in my life was my vacuum cleaner. - Through Synchrony Financial- It's pretty hard to believe that this thing is going on 8 years old. I have a Miele Jasper. There are so many endless reasons that I love my Miele If you look up the specs you'll also find scientific evidence that supports as well. Since I'm not a scientist, I will stick to what I find are the most important points from my point of view.

The Miele- is super lightweight- it is made of aircraft grade plastics for durability and weight reduction. OK- durability is an understatement in my opinion. In the 8 years of ABUSE that I have put my Miele through, I have been 100% hands down satisfied and surprised with the way that it has held up. Cosmetically, you can tell that it has been USED extremely hard, but functionality wise- she is as good as the day I brought her home. A side note- use "plexus" It is a state of the art plastic cleaner and polish . (protectant) - WHICH was also used in the aviation industry for airplane windshields to keep scratches and fog from occurring- SUPER TIP!!

I love how easy the attachments are to put on and take off, its second nature to me now.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how quiet it is, I mean seriously- last week both of my kids fell asleep while i was vacuuming the living room rug right in front of them. The suction power is adjustable, i find this useful some- though i'm truly a MAX POWER type of girl and want to run it on High all the time - even though the lowest setting would have enough suction to do the job.

I love that the floor attachment does a great job for both hard surface and then switching to carpet. the design is absolutely awesome and works great. If i had money I would purchase the motorized head for the carpet in my living room... but for a 9' x 11' space I'm not able to invest in this right now- Plus- the floor head that came with the vacuum is great, gets the job done- and if I need to do a better job in certain spots I just remove the floor head and use the TRUE SUCTION power to make sure that i get all the DOGGIE hair off of my rug. - FYI if you have a furminator brush for your dog you can actually run this over low pile rugs and it will grab up ALL OF THE DOG HAIR!!! We are working on making a down comforter out of berner fur.. It will be SUPER WARM once it's done (just kidding).

I love that you can get HEPA filters for the exhaust - woohoo and c-ya later to asthma and allergies.

I purchase the 3M brand vacuum bags from amazon, they are super affordable- especially since the Miele design compacts the dirt into the bag- I have pulled a full bag out of my vacuum canister before and it literally weighed as much as an 8lb bowling ball. You get plenty of use out of the bags, thats for sure.

I love that the cord winds itself up- EVERY TIME- NEVER AN ISSUE WITH THIS. I have never struggled with the cord retraction device- ever. Probably my very least part about anything that plugs in, is that I will have to wind the stupid cord back up after I'm finished using it.. this is SUPER awesome feature so that you don't have to leave the cord out in the middle of the floor and walk over it while you're moving from room to room. You just wind it up and then pull it back out when you need to plug the vacuum back in. So Great!!

MMMK so I wish I had a Miele in every color.I can't express enough that the heart of my cleaning is dependent upon my vacuum cleaner. You MUST be happy with the vacuum in order to be HAPPY :)

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