Learn To Hear Yourself: Persistence and determination can win over fear

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The perception of an experience has the power to devour through the plans that we have made for the future. Perception doesn’t resemble a choice, it doesn’t appear to be a hallway with a multitude of doors that are unlocked. It doesn’t seem as though we can open each one and see the results before we take action. If we imagine ourselves doing this, we can just walk however we want - excitedly, happy, chipper, worry full, scared, unsure, lost, confused, sad, gloomy, depressed, anxious- Just imagine - seriously- that you can CHOOSE to walk, freely, up and down- in whatever frame of mind we would like. Imagine being able to open and close those doors as many times as we would like, being able to predict the outcome for ourselves and plan in advance which route looks the best to us. Now, imagine if you felt as though your worry were part of you, and that you must carry it with you, up and down, peeking through all of those doors? Imagine the impact that your frame of mind has on even the greatest opportunities that exist behind each of those doors. Then, go back to the beginning in your imagination- tell yourself you have the freedom to choose that starting point for yourself. That you’re allowed to let go of worry and anxious thoughts of being overwhelmed by not knowing what is ahead? You may not KNOW exactly every situation that is behind each door, but you have the ability to handle and manage which ever dream you desire and choose.

Some people may like challenge, it comforts them and lets them see how much they are capable of. Some want to be connected, because they want to share their journey. Others enjoy their lives to be quiet and well kept, and others dream about loud, busy streets of life. Lots have a desire for the unknown, and require the thrill of dropping the reigns and using the spurs. Some like a map with directions and a key to show them where they are planning to go and how to get there- while others prefer to go at something blindfolded and use their senses to guide their way.

"Don’t use democracy to make your decisions, you’re one person- you have one voice- you just have to be able to hear it. "

How we connect with our environment and our surroundings the frame of mind we CHOOSE to enter that hallway of doors has a lot to do with the outcome behind each. You can have the worlds most expensive car, but you’ll still need to charge it, fuel it, and change its oil. You could be the worlds GREATEST at something but if you don’t set appropriate boundaries and expectations for yourself you will soon see that the path you initially chose is starting to resemble the path that you didn’t.

How we look outward for acceptance and permission to find our own way, ends up filling up the original dream that we had for ourselves. Try to ensure that you are guarding your voice and able to hear it through the background noise. Check in on it from time to time and see if where it is now is where it was in the beginning of your journey.

"Don’t use democracy to make your decisions, you’re one person- you have one voice- you just have to be able to hear it. "

Find time for yourself, devote the care that you need and deserve to cherishing and supporting the appropriate frame of mind for your journey. Engage in change in agreement with YOURSELF, and the direction you truly want to go. You CAN stop allowing decision making crossroads to slow you down. Worrying about what may be or could be or possibly might happen one day and live NOW. Be present in the frame of mind that you choose. Benefit yourself, support yourself, and use your human instinct and gifts (YES, WE ALL HAVE THEM).

Our perception of our “gifts” is another aspect that you could greatly hinder your journey to achievement. Comparison will easily abolish those wonderful characteristics about you. Needing to find out where we are in the race or if someone is better, faster, cooler, funnier, more Godly, or more loving than we are- THIS is such a HUGE disservice to ourselves and such a detour from our growth and prosperity as individuals and for our individual dreams. If we are always looking at everything that everyone else has, we stop… like literally stop- seeing the value in our own gifts. We lose the worth of our characteristics and we lose the empowerment to improve. Yes, agree- being competitive is a trait that has helped lots of business owners, moms, animal trainers, writers, and astronauts be successful. Do you think that the man who went to the moon was actually thinking in his head the entire time- if someone else makes it to the moon before I do then I am just giving up, shutting this whole project down and saying forget it and then going to sit on the couch and watch TV for 6 months? NO! Dis he let the fear of the COMPLETE unknown stop him from getting onto a rocket ship and heading off int outer space? No! Did he think to himself, "this has never been done before, it's impossible and we will never actually get to the moon", NO! Did he say no to the opportunity when it was behind his door? No! Did he let people around him discourage his plan, and detour him from making history? NO!

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