Super Easy Fall Decor

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Here is an example of a proud cat and kid proof home decor idea. This is placed on top of our shoe cabinet in our entry way. This space is wonderful for creating some elements of joy, with out having to constantly be worrying about who or what is knocking them down, or breaking them apart.

Let's jump right in: Candle is from Walmart. It is called Caribbean Spice, and is a mixture between a fall spice and a fruity summery scent. It really is such a perfect transition scent to get you from summer and through fall with out having to switch your scents out. This is almost 12OZ candle and it sells for $3.33: I will add - this is one reason why I love the Walmart candles so much!

The flower pots are from IKEA last year, they are no longer available but you can find a lot of options

The greenery in the flower pots are artificial, also from IKEA. You can pick out your own to give your design a personal touch. The plastic skull fence behind the window frame is from -- YOU GUESSED IT- Walmart last year during halloween season. You can check your local store to see what they have in stock from the website.

The window frame is from a friend, who lives in one of the oldest homes in Loudoun County, and this window was part of the home when they purchased it, and i've had it on display for the past several years. You can find old windows on the facebook marketplace- I have seen many before and usually they are pretty affordable.

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